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2018 JTAN Membership Rules

Thank you for your interest in the Japanese Teachers' Association of NSW. Before you apply for membership and pay the fee, please read the membership rules below:

JTAN Membership Rules

(Payment of membership fees constitutes agreement to the following rules)

  • JTAN membership for 2018 is $65.00 for teachers and $30.00 for pre-service teachers.
  • Membership shall be open to any individual or members of organisations, who are: a) engaged in the teaching of Japanese in NSW primary and secondary schools, or b) pre-service teachers of Japanese. Membership is not transferable to another person.
  • Annual membership starts from 27th January of the current year and ends 26th January of the following year.
  • The membership fee is not refundable once banked.
  • Members will receive Newsletters and other correspondence, mainly through electronic mail. However, you are not permitted to share your PIN and password or any resources with people who do not pay membership fees to JTAN (including students).
  • Members will occasionally be asked to contribute their time and/or share their knowledge and experience with other members. On such an occasion, JTAN asks that you contribute as much as you are able to.
  • Some information may not be sent to members who do not provide a valid email address.


Membership Application Form



for Membership, Exam orders, Workshop

There are two methods of payment accepted by JTAN:

a) Government schools who use Ed Connect, Finance

  1. Complete the JTAN online Application form.
    • If you have already been given a Purchase Order Number from your school administrative officer, enter it in the application form. The JTAN system will automatically generate an invoice to Ed Connect, Finance. The teacher will not receive the invoice.
    • If you do not enter your school’s Purchase Order Number, you will receive an automatically generated confirmation, which needs to be passed to your school administrative officer who should send it to Ed Connect Shared Service Centre Finance with the purchase order number and prepayment request.
  2. Once payment is received by JTAN, the receipt will be sent to the teacher. If you do not receive the receipt by an expected payment date, JTAN strongly suggest that you remind their school administrative officer of the payment due date.

b) Private schools and individuals who do not use Ed Connect, Finance

  1. Please complete the JTAN online Application form.
  2. If it is paid by your school, please Print/Forward the invoice to your school administrative officer for payment.
  3. If it is paid by yourself, please use pay by a cheque or through Electronic Transfer (see below). Please note that JTAN Exam orders must be paid by your school.
  4. A receipt will be sent to you when your or your school’s payment has been received.


Please make cheques payable to: Japanese Teachers' Association of NSW

Post cheques to: Japanese Teachers' Association of NSW PO Box 6453, North Sydney 2060

Electronic Transfer

Please make sure that you identify the transfer with your name and purpose of payment.

Transfer to:
Bank: Westpac Banking Corporation
BSB: 032-195
Acct No.: 17-4882
Acct Name: Japanese Teachers' Association of NSW

Our ABN is: 94 045 344 808.

Please note that Japanese Teachers' Association of NSW is NOT registered for GST.