2022 Exam Declaration
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Terms and Conditions reproduced below for ease of reference only

I understand that JTAN retains the COPYRIGHT on all JTAN Exams and they are only to be used/amended by JTAN members within purchasing institutions in the course of their teaching at those institutions.

I understand that it is my responsibility to carefully check the contents of exams before use. All possible care is taken when writing and proofreading exams; however, it is the responsibility of the purchasing teacher to ensure the exam is correct and at a level appropriate for their students.

I understand that while JTAN encourages Japanese teachers to modify the contents of the exam to suit their students and to mix in tasks from previous papers for added exam security, MAY NOT provide a vocabulary list to students prior to the exam as this compromises the security of the examination. Vocabulary may be defined within the exam only.

I understand that JTAN Exams are not to be passed onto non-members, except for use within the same school and in the year of publication only (one-time use). Failure to adhere to these conditions of purchase will result in legal action by JTAN.

I agree that Trial Exam Papers, Exam Audio and Marking Guidelines from any year will NOT to be provided to students in electronic format AT ANY TIME, even after the embargo date has passed. Marking Guidelines and Transcripts may be shown to students in class but NOT given out for them to keep. I understand that students should use past HSC papers for exam practice and trials (including past trial papers) should be reserved for use in assessment.

I agree to adhere to the embargo dates for each exam (current year exams). No part of the exam paper is to be returned to students for them to take home/copy/photograph before the embargo date – including written responses without questions e.g. writing.  Papers may be returned briefly in class for students to see their results but should be strictly supervised and then collected.

The embargo dates below are subject to change due to the ongoing COVID situation. By completing this declaration you agree to abide by these dates AND any changed embargo dates – notified via JTAN News.

Year 12 Trial Exams – return of exam papers to Year 12 students is under EMBARGO until FRIDAY 2nd SEPTEMBER WEEK 7 TERM 3.

Year 11 Yearly Exams – return of Year 11 exam papers to students is under EMBARGO until TUESDAY 20th SEPTEMBER WEEK 10 TERM 3. 

These dates apply to all schools in all systems and areas of NSW. If your exam period does not allow for these dates to be adhered do then please do not purchase the current year’s exams.