Japanese Teachers’ Association of NSW Terms and Conditions

When using the Japanese Teachers’ Association of NSW (JTAN) website, resources or attending any workshops or events (as a teacher, pre-service teacher or student) you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. 

  • Membership

By joining the Japanese Teachers’ Association of NSW (JTAN), you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of JTAN when accessing JTAN resources and/or services, including workshops and other events. 

1.1. Membership Cost

1.1.1. The annual JTAN membership is costs are currently:

  • $80.00 for individual teachers 
  • $40.00 for pre-service teacher. 

From 2020 we will also offer Multiple teacher memberships for schools as follows:

  • TWO teacher membership $140
  • THREE teacher membership $180
  • FOUR teacher membership $220

1.2. Membership eligibility, transferability and refunds

1.2.1Membership shall be open to any individual or members of organisations, who meet any of the following conditions:

    •  engaged in the teaching of Japanese in NSW primary and secondary schools
    • pre-service teachers of Japanese studying part time or full time towards a teaching qualification. 

1.2.2. Membership is not transferable to another person, regardless of whether it is paid by school or personal funds.

1.2.3. The membership fee is not refundable once banked.

1.3. Membership duration

1.3.1. Annual membership starts from 27th January of the current year and ends 26th January of the following year. Applications for the following year open in November of the previous year. 

1.3.2. Membership benefits are not available or confirmed until payment for your membership is received and approved by JTAN. We are not responsible for any delay in receiving payment caused by other parties such as your school’s administration or banking processes. Membership benefits for any given calendar year will not be extended for late applications or payments.

1.4. Membership benefits

1.4.1. Access to events at member rates and/or member only events such as: 

    • HSC speaking practice days for Beginners and Continuers (including an online day for regional students plus an additional face to face location at Gosford)
    • Winter Holiday HSC workshops for Beginners, Continuers, Extension
    • Programming, assessment, and reporting workshops Stages 3-6
    • Specialised workshops for pre-service and early-career teachers
    • Culture Day excursion for students
    • Primary Teachmeets each term
    • Exam writing workshop and more!

1.4.2 Access to support for teachers across NSW with face to face and online professional learning as well as networking opportunities  

1.4.3 Representation for Japanese teachers at state and federal level with educational reviews, reforms and syllabus consultations.

1.4.4. Interstate and national connections – we work with Japanese Language Teacher Associations across Australia – our members can attend many professional learning opportunities across Australia for the same cost as a local member in that state

1.4.5. Ability to purchase our Trial HSC and Preliminary exams, as well as our extensive back catalogue. These exams are only available to members.

1.5. Membership obligations 

1.5.1. You are not permitted to share your PIN and password or any JTAN resources with people who do not pay membership fees to JTAN (including students or other staff members at your school or other schools), except where permission is explicitly granted.

1.5.2. You must inform JTAN of any changes in your contact information or employment/student status, including changes in WWCC details. Information may not be received if you do not provide a valid email address and/or ensure that news@jtan.org.au is added to your contact list to prevent emails going to spam/junk mail. 

1.5.3. If you do not provide JTAN with the information required to verify your WWCC clearance, you will not be able to participate in workshops that involve student interaction, e.g. Speaking Days. All information provided will be treated as confidential in line with our privacy policy. 

1.6. Membership communications

1.6.1. You agree to receive communication about events, products and other news about JTAN via the email address provided at the time of sign up. You acknowledge that this is the primary form of communication between JTAN and its members and that you are responsible for reading this communication to be informed about events, products and other news that may be of interest and relevance to you.

1.6.2. You acknowledge that any content and resources provided by JTAN may not be free of errors and should be checked prior to use in the classroom. JTAN resources may from time to time include links to third party websites or databases. You acknowledge that this is not necessarily an endorsement by JTAN of the third party or their content and that you use such links at your own risk.

1.7. Access for non-members to events and resources

1.7.1. Some events or resources may be open to purchase by non-members, e.g. direct student purchase of resources or workshop tickets. In these cases all terms and conditions apply except for those applying to membership. 

  • Refunds

The Japanese Teachers’ Association of NSW (JTAN) collects participation fees for some events and fees for exams and other resources. We will refund such fees to the payer in the following cases:

2.1. Workshop participation fee (teacher workshops)  

2.1.1. Unless specified otherwise in the event application terms and conditions, a refund will be provided if the payer’s written cancellation notice (e.g. email) is received by enquire@jtan.org.au at least ONE WEEK  (7 days) prior to the event. Cancellations made with less than 7 days notice are not eligible for a refund nor can funds received be credited against future events. 

2.1.2. When a doctor’s certificate, which covers the date of the event, is received by enquire@jtan.org.au in PDF format within ONE WEEK (7 days) after the event 

2.1.3. When a compassionate reason/s is involved. 

2.1.4. In the event that a workshop is cancelled by JTAN due to unavoidable circumstances, participants will be offered the option of a full refund or funds credited towards the rescheduled event. 

2.2. Workshop participation fee (student workshops)

2.2.1. Unless specified otherwise in the event application terms and conditions, A refund will be provided if a written cancellation notice is received via email at least ONE MONTH in advance. The email address is enquire@jtan.org.au. This rule will be strictly adhered to as JTAN appoints teachers according to the number of attending students per course/class for student workshops. If a cancellation notice is received less than one month prior to the event, only 50% of the workshop participation fee will be refunded except in the case of 2.3 or 2.4 below. 

2.2.2. If a student does not attend a workshop without notice of cancellation to JTAN (from the student or the teacher), no refund will be given unless circumstances in 2.3. apply. 

2.2.3. In the case that an unexpected event occurs on the day (e.g. compassionate case), our workshop coordinator should be contacted using the contact details provided via email after registration and/or via enquire@jtan.org.au. In these circumstances JTAN may request evidence be provided to support the reason given. JTAN reserves the right to decline refunds at our discretion. 

2.2.4. If non-attendance/no show is due to illness, we will organise a full refund as soon as we receive a medical certificate by post or email. Back-dated medical certificates will not be accepted. 

2.2.5. In the event that a workshop is cancelled by JTAN due to unavoidable circumstances, participants will be offered the option of a full refund or funds credited towards the rescheduled event. 

2.3. Exams / Resources  (digital or physical) 

2.3.1 When JTAN receives written cancellation notice (e.g. email) from the purchaser prior to dispatching the resource by post or prior to online access being granted. Once access has been granted no refunds will be given. 

2.4. Membership

2.4.1 Membership fees are not refundable once banked. 

2.5. Refund Payments

2.5.1. Refunds will be processed via the same payment method used to purchase the event/resource. Payments made by schools will only be refunded to schools.

2.5.2. Please send your refund request and the explanation of cancellation or no-show to enquire@jtan.org.au as soon as possible. 

  • JTAN Resources (website, resources, exams)

3.1. Copyright

3.1.1 This site and its contents, including all logos and images, are subject to copyright. The site material copyright is owned by Japanese Teachers’ Association of NSW, or in the case of some material, a third party (as noted on the relevant page or resource). 

3.2. Use of content

3.2.1. You may view this site and its contents and electronically copy and print hard copies of parts of this site and its resources solely for personal, non-commercial use. Any other use, including the reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, republication, display or performance, of the content of this site is strictly prohibited. 

3.3. Use of JTAN resources

3.3.1. You acknowledge that any content and resources provided by JTAN, including exams, may not be free of errors and should be checked prior to use in the classroom. 

3.3.2. Resources that are accessible in the member’s only sections of the website (i.e. after logging in) are exclusively for the use of current JTAN members. 

3.3.3. JTAN resources may from time to time include links to third party websites or databases. You acknowledge that this is not necessarily an endorsement by JTAN of the third party or their content and that you use such links at your own risk.

  • Privacy 

The Japanese Teachers’ Association of NSW (JTAN) is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Information Statement governs data collection and usage. 

The personal information is collected only by lawful and fair means and is not unreasonably obtrusive. 

4.1. Collection of your Personal Information 

4.1.1. JTAN will collect personal information directly from you. This personal information will only be used for the purposes for which you give it to us and for related, internal management purposes. We do not provide personal information about you to other agencies, organisations or anyone else unless one of the following applies:  

  • you have consented  
  • you expect us to or we have told you we will  
  • it is required or authorised by law  
  • it will prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to someone’s life or health or  
  • the disclosure is reasonably necessary for law enforcement 

4.1.2. JTAN does not sell, rent or lease its member lists to third parties. However, we may contact you on behalf of education stakeholders about an offering that may be of interest to you. In these instances, your unique personally identifiable information is not transferred to the third party. 

4.1.3. JTAN may share data to assist in statistical analysis if requested; however, confidentiality of your information is maintained. JTAN does not collect or disclose sensitive personal information such as race, religion or marital status. We analyse non-identifiable website traffic data and workshop, resource and event evaluations to improve our services to members. 

4.1.4. Please keep in mind that if you directly disclose personally identifiable information or personally sensitive data through public message boards, this information may be collected and used by others. 

4.2. Accessing your personal information

4.2.1 You may access personal information that we hold about you or you may ask us to update or alter personal information. If you are on one or more of our email lists you may opt out of further contact from us by indicating that you would like to unsubscribe from our email lists. 

4.2.2. JTAN may contact you via surveys to conduct research about your opinions of current services or forums that may be of interest to you. 

4.3. Security of your Personal Information 

4.3.1. JTAN secures your personal information from unauthorised access, use or disclosure. Personally identifiable information is hosted in a controlled and secure environment and is protected from unauthorised access, use or disclosure. 

4.3.2 JTAN encourages you to review the privacy statements of businesses you have chosen to provide information to, so that you can understand how your information may be collected, used or shared. 

4.3.3. JTAN is not responsible for the privacy statements or other content outside the JTAN website. JTAN will periodically update this Privacy Information Statement to reflect internal and external feedback and inform members when changes are made.  

  • Occupational Health and Safety

 The Japanese Teachers’ Association of NSW (JTAN) is committed to ensuring the health and safety of the working environment. When a JTAN activity/activities is held (i.e. workshop, meeting), the participants (e.g. teachers, students, visitors, workshop presenters) are required to take reasonable care of themselves and others at the venues; they must not bypass rules or misuse systems or equipment provided for Occupational Health and Safety purposes; they must report any unsafe conditions which come to their attention and address these concerns where possible to the JTAN committee or the event convenor.  

JTAN acknowledges that we have the primary responsibility for the health and safety of those who work under our direction, and will participate in the return to work plan of injured person/s. If applicable, JTAN will meet the recovery cost of the injured person/s from our Public Liability Insurance. JTAN is committed to ensure that Occupational Health and Safety management is of the highest standard. 

5.1. Student Safety and Wellbeing

5.1.1. JTAN will ensure that all teachers and volunteers who come into contact with students at JTAN events hold valid Working With Children Checks. 

5.1.2. Where workshops involving students are held and their classroom teacher is present, their teacher retains duty of care for the duration of the event. Teachers must ensure that they follow their school rules regarding the health and safety of themselves and their students in organising for student attendance at JTAN events; e.g. Excursion Policy and Implementation procedures, which are set by their schools. JTAN does not provide Risk Management Plans for our events or for the venues used for our events. 

5.1.3. For students attending JTAN events who require additional support or resource adjustment due to physical, mental or other health conditions, the teacher (or student in case of direct booking) must inform JTAN at the time of event booking at enquire@jtan.org.au in order to ensure appropriate accommodations can be made. 

5.1.4. Winter Holiday Workshops: As these workshops are focused on HSC preparation and involve intensive focus on each of the four skill areas across two days ( one day only for Extension), some students find these workshops overwhelming. If teachers/students are concerned that students may have difficulty participating in these workshops due to mental health issues including stress and anxiety, we strongly recommend a parent/caregiver/support person accompany the student as the event organisers and assistants are neither trained nor able to provide individual support and counselling if students feel overwhelmed and need assistance during the workshop. If you are or have a student who will attend with a support person due to above conditions or with other special needs, please inform us in writing ASAP at enquire@jtan.org.au

5.1.5. During JTAN events, including at meal breaks, the purchase and/or consumption of alcohol, cigarettes or illicit drugs is strictly forbidden. If such an incident is found, the individual will be dismissed from the workshop.

  • Professional Development

Ongoing professional development contributes to the quality of teaching practice and supports student learning. The recognition of professional development experiences values the contribution of teachers to the community. A significant role of teaching associations is to provide quality continuing development for teachers. The Japanese Teachers’ Association of NSW (JTAN) will assist Japanese language teachers and their students through the provision and support of quality professional development. 

6.1 Quality of Professional Development  

6.1.1. All JTAN workshops must focus on a particular standard/s for Proficient teachers as set out in the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. JTAN identifies the following as features of quality professional development and, therefore, JTAN workshops must at the very least satisfy one or more of the following features:  

  • be proactive and visionary, leading teachers into new pedagogies and thinking  
  • active learning relating to teachers’ practice and efficacy  
  • be evidence-based  
  • be responsive to contemporary demands upon member teachers, involving teachers in the identification of what they need to learn and the development of the learning experience in which they will be involved  
  • be formative and predictive in finding new ways of enhancing the learning capacities and performance of associations and their members  
  • be ongoing, flexible and reflective, allowing for learning styles, distance, time and isolation  
  • be based on good pedagogy that recognises and values prior learning and skills  
  • be assessed and evaluated to ensure learning outcomes are met for all participants  
  • be purposeful in that it meets identified needs of teachers and is relevant to student learning  
  • be collaborative and engaging of professional networks, professional learning communities, partnerships and experts in the professional development of teachers  
  • be broad in scope and nature to meet the overall needs of teachers and schools to be valued and recognised 

6.2. Scope

6.2.1. JTAN’s professional development is targeted for Proficient teachers. If appropriate, non-JTAN members and schools may also be involved. 

6.3. Principles 

6.3.1. Professional development should be an ongoing process extending from initial teacher preparation across an entire teaching career. This includes a reflection on individual teaching practice, planning for ongoing professional growth and participation with colleagues in learning communities. Opportunities for continuous development are readily available to all teachers with involvement in our association activities. All members have equal rights and equal responsibilities in participating in professional development opportunities, irrespective of their schools, gender, religion. 

6.3.2. The design and delivery of professional development programs are needs based and reflect the ways in which adults prefer to learn. Evaluation is an integral part of all professional development programs. This can be measured through a variety of means and at different times throughout the professional development activities. Prior learning and skills are recognised, valued and utilised. Clear procedures for planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting contribute to quality assurance and effectiveness of professional development activities. 

6.3.3. Professional development is intended to contribute to the growth of the individual, improve student learning and enhance the standing of the profession within the community.